What to expect if you plan to avail our recruitment services?
Here’s a step by step guide of what you can expect when you work with us to recruit a new employee:-

1. To initiate the process -

  • Please get in touch with us or upload your job specification to our website.
  • One of our Consultants will touch base with you at the earliest.

2. We arrange a teleconference or face-to-face meeting to gather your requirements. Wherein -

  • We discuss our terms and conditions of Service Agreement.
  • If you don’t have a job description, we can help you prepare one at this point.

3. Discussion: This is a very important step, wherein we set expectations between us.

  • We give a brief picture on the availability of candidates.
  • Demand of the offered role in general.
  • Compensation offered is in line with industry standards.
  • We normally do not define timescales, as these purely depend on the nature of the positions, but we do thrive to close the positions offered at our earliest.

4. Our search techniques would be -

  • First point of access to top candidates would be from our own database.
  • Second would be networking via social channels.
  • Third would be range of advertising solutions.
  • Lastly we do keep a check on industry-leading job portals.

5. Final Line-up.

  • Our sourcing experts will probe and pick the most suitable candidates for the positions offered.
  • The shortlisted ones go through another level of filtering by Senior Recruiters before it gets selected for submission.
  • The CVs of these Candidates are submitted for your perusal.

6. Interview Schedule.

  • Reference checks are performed, if agreed for, at this point.
  • We co-ordinate in scheduling Interviews and ensure Candidates adhere to punctuality.
  • Any unexpected delays are wired immediately to you and re-scheduling procedure is followed.

7. Post Interview. This is a crucial stage for selected Candidates and the HR.

  • We constantly keep in touch with the candidate and follow up with HR to manage this critical gap from here till the point of offer as we approach the closure.

8. Negotiations. We play a pivotal role between you and the Candidate.

  • With your advice, we set the expectations for the candidates regarding terms and conditions, compensation offered, other benefits, etc. before the Offer letter is rolled out.
  • Any negotiations from either party will be bought to the table and resolved.

9. Post Offer.

  • Once the Candidate is handed an Offer Letter, we follow up with the candidate through his notice period, if any, till he/she joins the company.

10. Wait a minute. Our work does not end here.

  • We keep in touch with the Candidate for the next 90 days to ensure he settles well in his/her new place.
  • Any issues we notice in the 90 days window is escalated to you to be addressed on time. Normally, a successful completion of a 30 day window at a new job is a positive indication that the Candidate is settled.
  • Headhunting
  • International Recruitment
  • Campus Recruitment
Each and every organization has its own competitors and rivals in that particular industry. If one organization is looking for a profile in the FMCG Industry, the organization will surely look for the candidate in the same industry. Our professionals have experience in headhunting suitable candidates for the niche skills companies look for in a candidate. Our headhunters have contacts with several individuals from varied industries who work at different levels which help us service our clients to ensure their full satisfaction.

How We Work 

  • We initiate the recruitment process by zeroing in on the exact job description and the candidate description from the client.
  • After JD assessment, we analyse the Industry and the Organization maps from where the appropriate candidate can be headhunted.
  • Whenever we headhunt candidates we personally interview those candidates who appear to be a close fit to the ideal profile. These interviews may be conducted in a informal environment. During these interviews we carefully assess each candidate against the key criteria that have been specified in the brief like work exposure, capability, personality and cultural fit.
  • After completing the interviews, we compile a shortlist of those candidates who we consider to be the right match to the client mandate. We prepare and present a comprehensive report on each of the shortlist candidates.
  • We arrange for the client and candidate to meet each other in a formal/informal environment and we then communicate feedback from each party to the other.
  • We advise the client on preparing an offer communicate it to the chosen candidate. We act as an intermediary to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement between both client and candidate.
  • We take up references from the candidate and submit a Reference Check Report to the client, if opted.
  • We ensure that we stay in touch with the candidate for life. 
We are one among the prominent best overseas recruitment agencies. We cater to the needs of diverse industries, providing outsourcing services for skilled, semi-skilled and UN-skilled workers with various corporate giants.

Why choose us as International Recruitment Agencies or Overseas Recruitment Agencies?

India possesses a wealth of talent with high levels of educational qualifications and career specialization topped by hands on experience. There are candidates with various degrees of professional qualification and expertise in construction, engineering, hospitality, medical, IT and management looking to make a mark overseas in challenging environments that offer growth potential. As we provide outsourcing services as one of the best International Recruitment Agencies, we are aware of this fact.

We are established as one of the prominent overseas recruitment agencies since years. From the employers point of view we are seen as one of the most reliable, trustworthy placement consultants for international jobs and give them what they need. From a candidates viewpoint, we are seen as one of the credible placement consultants for international jobs since our dealings are fair, open and honest with no false promises. We are rated as one of the top overseas recruitment agencies by our customers.

As we provide outsourcing services, we fulfill the needs of global companies not only for highly skilled but also for a category of semi-skilled workers, proving to be the one of the bestinternational recruitment agencies at affordable price with guaranteed success.
We are a prominent Recruitment Firm offering out of the box Campus recruitment solutions to Institutes and colleges in India. With a vision to explore and harness the talents of young leaders across India, we have come up with a concept of Campus recruitment and promotion of institutes and colleges looking to place their fresh candidates. With our expertise in recruitment we are now exploring our self in driving our self in campus placement for companies, through which they will able to view students profile and shortlist the best from a lot.

Before the commencement of the selection process we will provide the details of the companies to the students like company profile, Job profile, remuneration part, there expectation from them. We have good number of management and engineering colleges listed with us from all over India which guarantees to provide you a best employee for you.

Process of Conducting Campus Drive:

The initial screening / written tests are conducted by us as per client Standards & requirements, the top candidates are short listed / lined up for final interview and selection.
Based on the professional / location requirement of the Organization the suitable Educational Institutions are short listed and sent for approval for conducting the Campus Drive at convenient dates for selection of the suitable candidate by them. A mutually suitable date is frozen in consultation with all stake holders and the process of selection will be completed.
The placement cell of the respective Educational Institution usually provides certain facilities like accommodation / transportation to the respective Clients if required.

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